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A Selection of the World's Pantry Essentials from Try The World

A Selection of the World's Pantry Essentials from Try The World

Try The World brings together the best artisans around the world, over 500 producers from 25 different countries.

Every Box is tailored to fit each person's taste preferences. So I filled out my "Taste Profile" to help Try The World pair me with products and producers I’ll love! I ended up getting The 'Chef' Box.


5 full sized pantry essentials

  • Tailored to each person's taste and lifestyle
  • Sustainably sourced from around the world
  • Conveniently delivered

Since I've started using Try The World, I've discovered new and unique products from France, Philippines and India that I have enjoyed. Surprisingly, these artisanal products have made a place in my day-to-day cooking.

Use code: "OISHII15" to get $15 off when you subscribe.

The 'Chef' Box

Dari Organic Couscous: This organic couscous is from Dari, the leader in Moroccan couscous. It's made from high-fiber semolina grains and cooks in no time! This couscous is perfect with cooked vegetables, meats and stews.

Cafe do  Centro Bahia Coffee Grounds: Brazilians produce over a third of the world's coffee, so it's no surprise that it's the country's national drink. These single-origin grounds are from Bahia, a dry region close to the equator that creates sweet, vanilla-scented beans.

Kilkai Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Kilkai makes reference to one of the most valued jewel of the Mapuche, natives from the Central South territory of Chile. This olive oil has fresh and fruity aromas with light to medium intensity, with a delicate touch of herbs and almonds.

Domaine des Vignes Whole Grain Mustard: Domaine des Vignes uses quality mustard seeds and vinegar distilled from Bordeaux and Charente wines to make this rich, whole grain mustard. Whole grain mustard is especially delicious with cold cuts and charcuterie.

Pastificio dei Campi Spaghetti: A custodian of the village of Gragnano's incredible pasta heritage, Pastificio dei Campi is one of the only companies that continues to make dried pasta using bronze plates and lower drying temperatures. The result is chewier and nuttier pasta that's incomparable to the modern version.

Here's my spaghetti alfredo with hot links, baby shrimp and bacon! All you need is pasta, butter, pitcher of cream, grated Parmesan cheese, seasoning of your choice and protein of your choice. 

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