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ShopandBox: Global Personal Shopping Service

ShopandBox: Global Personal Shopping Service

ShopandBox is a global personal shopping service to help you buy items you can't buy in your country or to help you with buying items that are cheaper somewhere else. Basically, you can shop for anything you want! That's the beauty of a personal shopping service like ShopandBox, you can request for anything you like, get recommendations from your Boxer (personal shopper) and access all the cool stuff you otherwise could not.

Service: ShopandBox
Price: Depends on what you are looking for.
Highlight: Finding the latest Rilakkuma products from Japan! πŸ˜
Potential Problem: Not all fees were clearly listed so do make sure to confirm with your Boxer.
Splurge-Worthy? Great for those who want overseas products that cannot be found locally or for less.
Website: http://www.shopandbox.com/

How Does ShopandBox Work?

1. Sign Up: Create an account with ShopandBox. 

2. Create Your Wishlist: Create "My Wishlist" by hovering over "[Your Name]'s Account", select ""My Wishlist", select the country you want to shop from. To add items, click on the yellow + button. Next, you will want to fill out the "Add Item" form (image below) with as much detail as you can including item description, website, image, etc.

3. Submit Your Order: After you have your wishlist created, submit your order. This will help your Boxer get the ball rolling.

4. Awaiting Boxer: A local Boxer will be assigned to you. Your local Boxer will find the best prices on the items you want before doing all the shopping for you. There is a message board on the order page so you can engage with your Boxer to figure out what works best for the budget as well as to ensure it's items you want. Your Boxer can help with translation, recommendations and accessing sales.

5. Boxer Confirming Items: Your Boxer will not purchase anything until you are happy with everything (price, product, etc).

6. Pay Invoice 1: Once your Boxer confirms your order, you will need confirm your items and make payment for Invoice 1 (total cost of items + total domestic shipping cost + PayPal fee + total item tax/GST/VAT). Your Boxer will use this money to purchase your items. 

7. Boxer Buying Items: Your Boxer will then go shopping and update the order page as each item arrives or purchased. You will also be alerted with actual pictures of your stuff. Once everything has been checked and weighed, your Boxer will consolidate and repackage items (with unnecessary packaging removed to save you on shipping).

8. Pay Invoice 2: Select your preferred method of shipping. Pay for Invoice 2 (international shipping fee + shopper boxer negotiated fee + invoice difference + ShopandBox service fee of 10-14%).

9. Awaiting Intl' Shipping: You will receive a tracking number from your Boxer.

10. Confirm Box Arrival: Your curated box will be delivered to you as quickly as 1-3 business days via express global shipping (see image below)!

For most of the items I ordered, my Boxer suggested purchasing online via Rakuten.co.jp or Amazon.co.jp. According to ShopandBox, Boxers will try to order items online as they can get it more efficiently but there are also Boxers who like going in-store. When an order takes extra time and effort which requires a Boxer to travel somewhere out of their usual traveling patterns or if it's a limited edition item where they need to queue up overnight, the Boxer will add an extra negotiated fee on top of the usual service fee. If the store is in their general vicinity, most of them are more them happy to just pop in at no extra charge. If an order is straightforward, it will be the standard 10-14% service fee. 

Here are details about the payments and fees:

I'll be posting daily about each item from my Japan Haul with ShopandBox. Here are my Rilakkuma items. Here are my Daiso items. More to come!

This post is sponsored by ShopandBox but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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