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Travel Eats: Target in Hawaii

Travel Eats: Target in Hawaii

Target in Hawaii is pretty much the same as California with a few differences… It’s so fun checking out the snacks and goodies they have!

The Target Hawaiian dress code is Hawaiian shirts and khakis. How fun!

Tons of li hing powder! It’s sprinkled over Hawaiian fruits, candy and anything you can possible think of. Even on top of strawberry sour belts from Enjoy Snacks and sweet li hing mui from Jade!

Which dried squid cuttlefish to get…?

Many choices of arare (Japanese cracker made from glutinous rice and flavored with soy sauce) fromEnjoy Snacks.

And we can’t forget about the macadamia nuts! Choices choices choices… Mauna LoaHawaiian Host?

Gourmet popcorn? We are down for some Hawaiian Hurricane Company!

I do not think we have gyoza in our California Target… Right?

I should have taken a photo of the long wait at Target’s dining area… It was surprisingly long! The one in San Francisco never gets that lengthy.

What’s different? They serve spam musubi, fried saimin noodles and inside-out California sushi roll!

Musubi – I didn’t get a chance to try it but it looked tasty…

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