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Travel Eats: Hawaiian Airlines

Travel Eats: Hawaiian Airlines

I finally got around to posting photos of our trip to Hawaii. Tons and tons of photos! Everyone always says the best airline to fly to Hawaii is Hawaiian Airlines so we had to see why.

The first thing that strikes me is… Hawaiian Airlines offers a taste of the islands even before you land – and it’s complimentary! There’s even a new signature cocktail – again, it’s free!

One of Hawaii’s top chefs is in charge of the kitchen. Thai-born Chef Chai Chaowasaree is an award-winning chef and restaurateur, widely recognized by top food critics and national travel publications as one of the best chefs in the Islands. You’ll find him creating flavorful Pan-Asian dishes using only the freshest ingredients at his signature Honolulu restaurants Singha Thai Cuisine and Chef Chai at Pacifica.

After take-off (San Francisco to Hawaii), we enjoyed a delicious complimentary brunch consisting of an egg, cheddar and mushroom breakfast sandwich on flatbread, fruit salad and macadamia chocolate. What other domestic airline offers delicious complimentary airline meals?!

It was absolutely delightful! The cheese + egg + mushroom + onions… What a combo!

Need more of this! Hawaiian Host’s AlohaMacs creamy milk chocolate covered macadamias… Sweet, crunchy and nutty.

Complimentary drinks include juice, soda, coffee, tea and water. Hawaiian Sun, FTW.

During the flight, we received complimentary Tim’s Hawaiian sweet maui onion chips and Koloa Breeze Rum punch. Yum!

And then we arrived…

The first thought after we got off the plane was… “It’s hot!”

Fast forward – We were there from Sunday to Sunday! Time flew by so quickly. More photos from various eateries and activities to come, stay tuned.

Right after take off (Hawaii to San Francisco), we received a complimentary Pau Hana snack mix including a blend of corn and flax chips, cheddar corn sticks, almonds and honey roasted sesame sticks. As always, a wide array of complimentary drinks were available and I ended up having some tea and pass-o-guava from Hawaiian Sun to keep my sugar levels up.

For our complimentary dinner, we had teriyaki turkey meatballs, sugar snap peas, pimento, steamed rice and a side of mixed green salad. For dessert, the La Tour Bakehouse cookie was amazing!

And roughly 5 hours later, we were back to San Franscisco!


Fly with Hawaiian Airlines: https://beta.hawaiianairlines.com/

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