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Travel Eats: 7-Eleven in Hawaii

Travel Eats: 7-Eleven in Hawaii

Hawaii’s 7-Elevens are the best when you need a quick snack to-go, drinks, and candies that are unique to Hawaii. We stopped by a few times for a quick breakfast when there were no other spots opened early in the morning.

The selection of hot and cold snacks were AMAZING! Hot snacks included steamed lup cheong roll, steamed manapua, steamed curry chicken manapua, steamed teriyaki chicken manapua, jalapeno pork hash, pork hash, shrimp hash, etc. My favorite was their shrimp hash! Mmm…

A variety of musubi included basic spam musubi, teriyaki spam musubi, deluxe spam musubi (spam + egg + furikake) and jalapeno spam musubi. My favorite was the deluxe spam musubi!

Pancit noodles sandwich, sweet bread, mochiko chicken musubi…

Scrambled eggs with sausages, scrambled eggs with longanisa…

Chicken katsu bento, garlic hicken bento, teriyaki chicken bento, BBQ seasoned pork bento…

Yakisoba noodles

California sushi rolls and spicy ahi inari

Cheesy breadstick, hot pocket pizza stick, tater tots, seasoned potato wedges, fried pork hash, pork & vegetable egg roll, spicy breaded wings, chicken corn dogs, spanish rolls, cheese personal pizza…

The ube ensaymada were soft, creamy and cheesy!

Too many snacks to choose from!

Our little snack before the Diamond Head State Monument hike… My favorites were the deluxe spam musubi, ube ensaymada and shrimp hash.

Musubi galore! Spam katsu, salmon & furikake, sriracha teriyaki spam, mochiko chicken, pork adobo, spam & egg, portuguese sausage…

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Travel Eats: Ono Seafood in Hawaii

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