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Travel Activities: Honolulu Fish Auction in Hawaii Seafood

Travel Activities: Honolulu Fish Auction in Hawaii Seafood

The Honolulu Fish Auction is a unique experience for visitors and locals alike. This is the only fresh tuna auction in the United States. Reminds me of Japan!!!

Auction starts at 5:30 am so be ready to wake up at the crack of dawn like the Tsukiji Fish Market! We were able to see some of Hawaii’s seafood bounty in its entire form.

You can either pay for the tour or walk-in at the fish auction facility. We did not reserve a tour since it did not fit our schedule. But if you are interested – tours are conducted, by RESERVATION ONLY, on Saturday mornings from 6:00am – 7:30am. Check the reservation calendar for open dates as there may be additional tours added periodically. Tour cost is $25 for adults and $20 for children 8 – 12 years old.

We got there around 5:30 am and it was a bit difficult to find, we were unsure if we were at the right place. Once we saw a few guys with rubber boots, we knew we had found the fish auction. Tip: It’s near Nico’s Pier 38 so park nearby and walk over. We asked one of the guys just to be sure; he welcomed us and led us to the entrance. They told us to walk right in and didn’t kick us out.

Before entering the fish auction, you have to dip your shoes into anti-bacterial water.

The anti-bacterial did not cover the entire shoe, just the sole of the shoe (about half-inch).

At 5:30 am, be ready for live auctions to be served in fish markets, sushi bars, local restaurants, national restaurants and even as far as the Tsukiji Fish Market in Japan.

On the auction floor, you will see how a fish auction works.

You have the opportunity to see the variety of fish landed and the different fish quality. It is AWESOME to see auctioneers do their thing! With the amount of fish that come in each day, all the fishes are sold very quickly.

Since the auction is inside a fridge (building temperature is set at 48°F), please make sure to wear warm clothing and closed-toe shoes.

Keep your eyes peeled as there are a lot of activities and paletes moving fishes back and forth.

We ended up going to Nico’s Pier 38 after the auction for an early breakfast (see next post).

More on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/united-fishing-agency-honolulu

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