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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2015

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2015

It’s that time of the year again. Absolutely love Mother’s day!  We usually spend time over at my Grandmother’s place. Always have tons of fun playing mahjong, watching movies, going for a family walk or just hanging around together. For dinner, we usually BBQ, hotpot or potluck. It’s a great way for everyone to spend time together! Even though my Mom is a very practical person when it comes to gift-giving and receiving, I still like to add a little panache to that practicality.

Here are some fun gift ideas your Mom may like as well:

1. A tasty cup of matcha Japanese green tea.

2. A heartfelt DIY card.

3. A sweet scented candle.

4. New pair of cute running shoes.

5. Face cream that will make her skin silky soft. My personal favorite! 

6. A beautiful watch.

7. An adorable teal tea pot.

8. Basic black tote bag.

9. A nice brunch at Sweet MapleMagic Flute Garden Ristorante or Grindz.

10. Spa day visit.

11. Beautiful tulip arrangement.

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