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Monthly Favorites: May 2015

Monthly Favorites: May 2015

Materazzi from Hot Italian Pizza. Thin crust pizza with pepperoni, olives, tomato sauce, mozzarella & fontina cheese … So amazing! Tasted the olive juice in the pizza … Mmm!!!

Double Pork Poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie. Chipotle pulled pork and double-smoked bacon!

Buttery and sweet señorita bread from Starbread Bakery.

Sweet blend of fresh whole milk, real vanilla, farm-fresh eggs and tender tapioca pearls from Harry’s Fresh Foods. Add a little toffee balsamic for a twist!

Garlic butter prawns with whole wheat lemon chive spaghetti! A glass of Broken Dreams and we are set!

Those egg rolls with taro filling from Golden Flower Vietnamese Restaurant! Mmm!

You need to try this, Tillamook marionberry cobbler dessert yogurt!

Brigadeiros to sweeten up your day!

Amazing noodles that I could have EVERY DAY. Includes complimentary soy milk!

We couldn’t help ourselves, Costco had a Pringles sale so we ended up with a case … 

Who doesn’t love vanilla bean? Especially with Halo Top Creamery; delicious, rich and all natural … For extra sweetness, add some dark chocolate balsamic!

I vote for geishas kiss!

We highly recommend their signature chicken sisigsilog. It came on a sizzling plate and was sooo good!

Flipbeltearpods with remote and mic, CLIF organic trail mix bar and Waxelene lip tube …

TinyB Chocolate: Brazilian Brigadeiros Truffles

TinyB Chocolate: Brazilian Brigadeiros Truffles

(CLOSED) Giveaway: Choux Bakery

(CLOSED) Giveaway: Choux Bakery