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Monthly Favorites: August 2015

Monthly Favorites: August 2015

It’s September! Yay for Autumn! Do you guys ever feel tired after vacationing? We had a lot of fun this month with travel and great eats! You’ll see our Canada and Hawaii blog posts soon. Here’s a recap of our August favorites…

Sir Kensington’s special sauce sure is special especially with my crispy deep-fried oysters!

How’s my bento look? Ordered lunch from the Bento app (customizable bento box delivery) and got the sashimi platter with roasted brussel sprouts, salmon nigiri, miso albacore roll and cumin lamb meatballs. It was deee-licious! Available for dinner and lunch delivery Monday – Friday from 11 am – 10 pm to SF locations. Use my code “OISHII” to get $5 off your first Bento + free delivery. For more detail, visit our Bento app post.

When life gives you , what do you do? Make bún riêu! Over the weekend, I picked up Windset Farmstomatoes at Costco since I had a huge craving for one of my favorite noodle soups! P.S. The tomatoes are extremely sweet and juicy. Mmm!

Marukame Udon has always been a part of my heart… We first tasted their handmade noodles from Japan and fell in love. In Japanese, “paintan” means “milky” or “white soup” which is succulent, creamy and rich. It is usually a rich pork and chicken based soup. Paitan udon (exclusive to thedowntown Marukame Udon location) is so rich, flavorful, and comforting. I enjoyed it so much that I accidentally bit the inside of my mouth because it tasted extremely amazing!

Macky’s Sweet Shrimp Truck, FTW! One of the highlights of our Hawaii trip… 

Restaurant Do-ne Japanese Food: One of the best seafood-don I have ever had… It was only $12.50 for lunch! What a value for great quality seafood!

Menya Musashi: Ramen that makes me speechless! Menya Musashi exploded into the ramen scene in 1996; winning several ramen awards, 8 shops in Tokyo and a few in Singapore and named by Frommer’s as one of the Top 6 ramen joints in Tokyo. We were so happy to find out they recently opened in Hawaii and had to give it a try. I absolutely loved it!

O my goodness! Deep fried taro pie from McDonald’s… Ended up buying a bunch to bring back to freeze and pop it in the oven whenever I need a bit of Hawaii in my life. I heard they rotate from haupia (coconut) to banana to taro through-out the seasons. Who else has a thing for trying different McDonald pies where ever they travel?

Mind blown! You guys know how much I love amaebi, right? We had to visit the KCC Farmers’ Marketfor their fresh catch. We got Nimitz Fish Market‘s garlic amaebi yakitori, Kona Abalone‘s grilled abalone & abalone poke and Pacifikool‘s pineapple & ginger . Absolutely amazing! Tip: Open every Saturday at 7:30 am so get here early because it does get crowded with long waits for food. Since we arrived early, there was no wait!

Here’s my Hawaii haul! We visited Costco7-ElevenFoodlandLion CoffeeABC StoresTarget,Hawaiian Chip CompanySing Cheong Yuan Bakery, etc.

From SoCal to NorCal, Killer Shrimp has arrived! We got their original killer shrimp with lobster, crab & sweet corn, specialty drink of the day (today: the westside) and fried calamari! P.S. Stop by for their happy hour (3 – 6pm & 10pm – 12am) for great eats and drinks.

Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen: This is one of my favorite rib spots in the Bay Area!

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Costco Finds: August 2015

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