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Food Haul: Snacks & Tea from Hawaii 2015

Food Haul: Snacks & Tea from Hawaii 2015

What a vacay! We visited many food spots (blog post to follow with specifics), monuments, botanical gardens, parks and many more. To remember the trip, we had to bring back souvenirs. The best souvenir is… FOOD! We couldn’t decide what snacks to stock up on since there were so many options. Ended up visiting the following retailers to pick up our goodies; Costco7-ElevenFoodland,Lion CoffeeABC StoresTargetHawaiian Chip CompanySing Cheong Yuan Bakery, etc.

Some of you requested a close-up of the snacks so here it is! Note: Since some were souvenir gifts, I was not able to photograph it all.

Why are Hawaiian Host macadamias so tasty? I have not found one I didn’t like.

One of the most popular snacks, Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn, that people bring back from Hawaii…

Island Princess’s Choco Mochi: Imagine this, chocolate covered rice crackers… Salty, savory, sweet and crunchy combo!

Island Princess’s Macadmia Popcorn Crunch: Another popular item!

Ono Giant Shrimp Chips: One of my favorite snacks are shrimp chips so when we found out they made it with REAL shrimp in Hawaii, we had to give it a try. LOVED IT! The furikake version was ono-licious! Since we got ours from Costco, it less than $10 for a 10 oz. bag.

Jade’s Li Hing Mango Slices: I wish we got more of this! It’s been been a week and we are almost out of it. The mango slices with li hing flavor were divine! Need more…

Enjoy Snacks Li Hing Strawberry Sour Belts: Who would’ve thought to mix lin hing with sour belts? What a clever idea! The sour belts are strawberry flavored with a hint of li hing.

Kaimana Jerky’s Teriyaki Marlin Jerky: I never had fish jerky so when we saw this, we had to get it!

Lowrey’s Microwave Pork Rinds: Who loves pork rinds? We do! Surprisingly, I found these microwavable pork rinds from Walmart. Apparently, all you have to do is microwave them and eat it straight from the bag or with hot sauce, dip, salsa or BBQ sauce.

La Tour Bakehouse: What an amazing cookie!

KitKat Cookies & Cream: It melted a bit since it was 95ºF+ in Hawaii. When we got back to San Francisco, it resolidified and now it tastes just as good. Between the cookies & cream Pocky and KitKat, I personally prefer the KitKat cookies & cream flavor more. KitKat, FTW!

Always love trying new Pocky flavors, what else is new? There are always more flavors in Japan. I’m glad we were able to find new ones from Marukai Market including (image: from left to right) coconut, peanuts, bear milk cocoa flavor, strawberry and demitasse rich mint dark chocolate.

Sprinkle on top of rice, noodles, soups, eggs… anything! This rice seasoning (aka furikake) adds umami flavor to every bite. Since it was on sale for $1.50 a bottle at Marukai Market, I had to snag it.

You and I both know how much I love tea especially from Ito En… 

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